About Me

Hello, I am a freelance music and society writer, editor, and not-so-renowned LP collector based in the North West.

Since 2017, I have been editing and contributing to the nu-jazz and electronica zine, The Sound Basement, which features insights into the modern socio-political climate and notations on the developing jazz community within the UK and the rest of the world. Before then, I regularly contributed as an album and live critic for the online publication, GigSoup, which is also where my obsession with weird techno and jazz began after reviewing artists such as Philipp Gorbachev and Agbeko.

At the same time, I also contributed to the online societal and philosophical publication, The Chalkboard Journal. I enjoy conversing with artists that emit forms of cosmic energy. Musicians, such as the electronica-jazz trio, Szun Waves, or even the Glaswegian-Finnish ambient avant-garde artiste, Cucina Povera, offer intelligent conversations that are not solely based around what socks they may be wearing.

Outside of writing, I am often found in the confines of a kitchen taking my anger out on a vulnerable blob of dough, whilst also simmering chutneys and pickling pickles. As you may be able to see, my cooking career has not taken off just yet.



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