Wata Igarashi — ‘Niskala’

Techno, in this writers opinion, was made to be dark and sadistic, and if that is what one truly wants to find within their music then look no further than Wata Igarashi. His latest release, ‘Niskala’, which came out on February 1st via the popular Berlin electronic label, Midgar Records, features long, ambient and uncluttered acid trips which, not only entice and nipple twizzle the listener out of a migraine, but displays the talent and experience that Wataru has gained since launching his musical career at the age of fifteen.

Back then, Igarashi had moved away from his home of Tokyo and was located within Madrid, he’d just joined a skate-punk-rock group known as F.O.D. (not to be mistaken with the popular Belgian punk group that bear the same name) as a guitarist. Despite F.O.D. never acquiring as much success as other skater-rock bands, they did acquire small media attention in the niche corner of the Spanish skater magazines, who occasionally would offer the group features and interviews. It was also probably due to the skater publications that the band had managed to get a few gigs at various skating championships. This, as most punk rock bands of the nineties and early noughties experienced, didn’t last long and soon after Wataru went back to his native city, Tokyo.

It was in Tokyo, between 2003–2008 when Igarashi, who had now progressed away from punk-rock into the world of freestyle jazz, began working for Syn Entertainment, which was co-owned by Nick Wood and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. Becoming a musical director at the company, he began working on scores for Toyota and Sony before moving on and assist in producing notable acts such as the Brazilian songwriter, Silvio Anastacio.

Since then, Wataru’s career in electronica came to be; producing mainly deep techno. Since 2013 alone, he’s released nine singles and EP’s under six record labels, although the latter three were released through Midgar and he’s also been placed onto the Red Bull Academies list of the top ten emerging artists from Japan. So, yes, Wataru Igarashi has an excessively long list of experience. But it is all worth it. ‘Niskala’ is simply an embodiment of all of the lengths and achievements he has reached, but lumped into a three track EP.

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